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Discounted pricing available for suppliers, contractors and end users based on project size.

Aluminum Pipe 

Now available in two lengths!


Infinity piping is now offered in 4m (13.1 ft) or 6m (19.7 ft) lengths. The pipe is sold in multi-packs.


Infinity’s powder-coated aluminum tubing is so light, it can be handled and installed by one person.


Four color options.

Blue- Compressed Air Tubing

Gray-Vacuum Tubing

Green- Nitrogen Tubing 

Black- Inert Gas Tubing 

Available in 20-168mm pipe for a wide range of applications.

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Making Connections that Last.


The heart of Infinity is solid brass, nickel-plated fittings that make the system easy to install while providing strong, leak free connections.


The Infinity system yields unbeatable performance, reliability and safety.

Installation Tools 

There’s no soldering, gluing or threading of pipe; a simple pipe cutter and de-burring tool are the only tools required.

A roll grooving tool will no longer be needed with the larger fittings 80mm-168mm making for a quicker installation. 

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Unless otherwise specified by the product seller in a separate written product warranty accompanying the product or specified in the seller's product catalogue, AIGNEP USA warrants to the End User that its INFINITY Fittings and Aluminum Tubes shall be free from substantial defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twenty years from the Installation Date. 

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